World Federation of Pipe Line Industry Associations (WFPIA)


    The World Federation of Pipe Line Industry Associations provides a platform for collaboration amongst the associations related in one way or another to the onshore and offshore construction of international and regional oil, gas, water and slurry pipelines.

    The membership of the federation is drawn from all parts of the world and currently includes:

    Meetings may be held at every annual conference or convention of each association member.

    A Heads of Agreement for WFPIA was finalised on 1 June 2016.

    Members of the World Federation at the PLCA 9 February, 2019 in Amelia Island

    For further information on the World Federation, contact IPLOCA:

    Chemin des Papillons 4
    1216 Cointrin/Geneva

    Telephone: +41 22 306 02 30
    Fax: +41 22 306 02 39
    Contact: Juan Arzuaga, Executive Secretary, IPLOCA