2017-2018 Board of Directors 

IPLOCA is governed by a volunteer board of directors made up of 25 owners and senior executives of major pipeline contractors and service companies. Directors representing the Regular Members divided into geographic regions and directors representing Associate Members are elected by the members of the association and generally serve a term of two years.

Elections for the 2017-2018 IPLOCA Board of Directors took place at the convention in Mexico City on 28 September 2017. Election results were ratified by the membership at the Annual General Meeting on 29 September 2017 and the new Board immediately took office.

(Left to right)
Front row: Rubén Kuri, John Tikkanen, Andrew Ball, Iosif Panchak, Adam Wynne Hughes, Juan Arzuaga

Second row: Sue Sljivic; Georges Hage; Khulud Halaby; Brian Laing; Kelly Osborn; Fatih Can
Third row: Doug Evans; Oliviero Corvi; Steve Sumner; Ma Chunqing; Bill Partington; Yasar Pakel (resigned)

Fourth row:  Jacquelin de la Porte; Bill Solomon; Mark Barrows; Alberto Barbieri
Missing from the photo: Giacomo Bonfanti; Daniel Fernandez; Gonzalo Montenegro; Albert Zakhem


Andrew Ball (J. Murphy & Sons)
President; Director, Europe Northwest; Offshore Engagement Committee Chair

John Tikkanen (Shawcor)
1st Vice President; Director, America North; Membership Committee Chair

Iosif Panchak (J.S. Welding & Building Company)
2nd Vice President; Director, Europe Eastern

Adam Wynne Hughes (Pipeline Induction Heat)
Treasurer; Director, Europe Northwest; Convention Location & Communications Committee Chair

Rubén Kuri (Arendal)
Immediate Past President



Alberto Barbieri (SICIM S.p.A.), Director, Europe Mediterranean

Mark Barrows (McConnell Dowell), Director, East & Far East

Giacomo Bonfanti (Grupo Desarrollo Infraestructura), Director, Latin America

Fatih Can (Tekfen), Director, Europe Eastern; Innovation Committee Chair

Jacquelin de la Porte (Spiecapag), Director, Europe Mediterranean

Daniel Fernandez * (Worldwide Group), Director, Associate Members

Georges Hage (The C.A.T. Group), Director, Middle East & Africa

Khulud Halaby (Petro-Force s.a.r.l.), Director, Associate Members

Brian Laing (CRC-Evans), Director, Associate Members

Ma Chunqing * (China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co. Ltd.), Director, East & Far East

Gonzalo Montenegro (Serpetbol Peru Construcciones), Director, Latin America

Bill Partington (Ledcor), Director, America North

Bill Solomon (Vacuworx), Director, Associate Members

Albert Zakhem (Zakhem International), Director, Middle East & Africa



Oliviero Corvi (Bonatti)

Doug Evans (Gulf Interstate Engineering)

Kelly Osborn (U.S. Pipeline)

Sue Sljivic (RSK), HSE & CSR Committee Chair

Steve Sumner (Lincoln Electric), Scholarship Committee Chair



Juan Arzuaga 


* appointed by the Board of Directors