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    Kebulin Gesellschaft Kettler GmbH is established since 1933 as a manufactuer of products for Corrosion Protection. Due to active research in the field of Passive Corrosion Protection of buried steel pipelines, and both new development of a broad variety of products as well as the further development of tried and tested products, Kebu became one of the leading manufacturers of passive corrosion protection for field joint coatings and coating rehabilitation for onshore applications.

    From the start Kebu cultivated a constant exchange with customers and independent field service departments in order to secure and improve the high quality standards of their field coatings. Kebu provides a large portfolio of different kinds of field joint coating solutions for the pipeline industry including Heat Shrink Sleeves, Butyl Rubber Tapes and Tape Systems, Bituman and Petrolatum Tapes, GRP rough coating for Horizontal Drilling, Thrust Boring and GRP factory coating.

    Kebulin Gesellschaft Kettler GmbH & CO.KG
    Ostring 9
    45701 Herten-Westerholt

    T +49 209 9615 0
    F +49 209 9615 190