Welcome to our new Associate Member who was approved by the Board of Directors in June 2019.

    MatService Petróleo, was founded in April 2010 and specializes in the supply of surface preparation and inspection equipment, coatings, pipes, valves and various parts needed for the construction and maintenance of plants and pipelines.

    Currently, MatService Petróleo is present in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. In the last 9 years, they have contributed to the construction of 80% of pipelines built in these 4 countries. The company is managed by Mr. Jose Oscar Paniagua (General Director) and Mr. Jose Marcelo Paniagua (General Manager).

    Av. Banzer Km 8 1/2 Calle S/N EdifMatservice Petroleo Piso 1 Nro S/NUrb Jardines des remanso Uv 338 Mz 015
    T +59133484041