2018 Membership questionnaire


    1) What specifically motivated you or your company to become involved in IPLOCA? List the top 3 reasons  
    2) On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 not at all and 5 very well) how is IPLOCA meeting your expectations?  
       1  2  3  4  
    3)  If you could change three things about IPLOCA, what would you change?  
    4) IPLOCA regularly conducts Regional Meetings throughout the world. Are you or your company getting sufficient information regarding the content and details of these meetings?  
       Yes  No  
    5)  Do you personnally promote IPLOCA events within your company?  
       Yes  No  
       If you answered Yes, how?  
    6)  What is the best way for IPLOCA to communicate with you and your company?  
    7) Would you personnally be interested in following an IPLOCA LinkedIn type social media site?  
       Yes  No  
    8) Do you think IPLOCA needs to attract more members?  
       Yes  No   
    9) If yes, how to recommend IPLOCA attract new members?  
    10) Would you personnally participate in or promote within your company (eg. sending staff), to Regional Meetings on topics like New Technologies, HSE and Corporate Social Responsibility?  
       Yes  No  
       Regular Member  
      Associate Member  
      Corresponding Member  
      Academic Member