Nomination to the IPLOCA Board of Directors takes place every year as seats become vacant. This year, the nominations will be held on Thursday 22 September during the IPLOCA 2022 Annual Convention taking place in Prague, Czech Republic.

Most nominated board members serve for two years and their second year is also confirmed during the nomination meeting.

Owners or senior executives of Regular Members and Associate Members are eligible for nomination to the Board of Directors, as per Articles 9.3 and 9.4 of the IPLOCA By-laws.

All Regular Member and Associate Member candidates for vacant seats on the Board of Directors are required to review Board Member Duties and Commitments.




Candidates for vacant seats - September 2022

Region Vacant Seats Candidates Company
America North 1 Robert Bell Price Gregory International Inc.
Europe Central 2 no candidate
Europe Eastern 2 Yasar Girigez Fernas Construction Co.
Mustafa Kopuz Tekfen Insaat Ve Tesisat
Europe Northwest 1 Andy Ball J. Murphy & Sons
Europe Mediterranean 1 Bruno Pomaré Spiecapag
Latin America 1 no candidate
Middle East & Africa 2 Saji Khoury C.C.C.
Associate Members 2 Edgar J. Chavez Allu Group
Gian Marco Dondi SCAIP S.p.A.


If you are an owner or a senior executive of a member company and would like to be considered for a vacant seat on the IPLOCA Board of Directors, please review the Duties and Commitments of Board Members.  An application form complete with a brief résumé and a photograph should be sent to Juan Arzuaga IPLOCA Executive Secretary no later than 22 August 2022.