C.A.T. Group Emergency Response 
Plan & Other Projects

Difficult periods impose exceptional ways of handling the crisis. Under the leadership of its new Group C.E.O., Dr. Joseph Gebara who joined in November 2019, C.A.T. Group (C.A.T.) established an Emergency Response Plan to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whereas the challenge is huge, unprecedented and with implications that are yet to be fathomed, going back to the company’s credo helped the leadership put things into perspective. Health and safety of the employees and their families comes first, to protect them and to protect the clients’ employees and their contractors. Being in an industry that serves crucial sectors such as energy, C.A.T. also had to ensure it continued helping its clients in building and preserving their assets with minimum disruption and within the new regulations imposed by each of them and their governments.

In the first quarter of 2020, C.A.T. managed to tap into the strategic Unconventional Gas Programme of Total and ADNOC in the U.A.E. C.A.T. is building an 8” pipeline in a very short time to help its clients avoid flaring from the well sites being tested in Diyab field. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, C.A.T. continues to support Saudi Aramco with the Maintain Potential Programme and has also won the South Ghawar Transmission Pipelines project to install 260 km of 30” and 16” gas and condensate lines. C.A.T. would like to wish all its clients, employees and colleagues, especially members of the IPLOCA family, a safe and healthy transition to the post COVID-19 world.