Cyntech’s Contribution to Carbon Footprint Reduction

This winter, Cyntech’s innovative customers specified over 4,000 screw anchor sets to control buoyancy and mitigate stress in their pipelines.

These anchor sets will be installed on portions of the 500+ km of NPS 36, 42, and 48 pipelines under construction in Canada. These projects are the three largest pipeline construction projects in Canada for the next two years. By using Cyntech’s anchor system instead of traditional concrete methods, they will be replacing roughly 80,000 tons of concrete, and eliminating approximately 4,000 truckloads heading to these projects. In addition to cost savings of over USD 10 million, significant social and GHG (greenhouse gas) reductions are also being realised. To further the operating companies’ commitment to environmental stewardship, it is calculated that this switch to anchor sets from concrete weighting will massively reduce the carbon footprint of these projects by over 4,000 tons of CO2 (approximately equal to removing 1,000 passenger cars off the road for one year). 

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