Goriziane’s Hydraulic Release Mechanisms for Shackles

In line with the transition to new energy sources, Goriziane offers equipment and plants for renewable energy. Recently Goriziane delivered its Hydraulic Release Mechanisms (HRM) for shackles which will be used on one of its customer’s offshore wind projects. The HRM will be used for lifting and positioning mono piles above and under the sea. The mechanism attaches and releases the shackles with a hydraulic-operated pin. It is frequently used in areas with limited access when it is challenging for personnel to attach or release shackle connections in a secure and effective way.

In addition to hydraulic release mechanisms for shackles, Goriziane also offers equipment for jacket construction, flange-lifting tools, spider clamps, outrigger, pile grippers, and equipment for tubular structures. Goriziane continues to provide innovative solutions for customers around the world.

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