Goriziane’s Pipe Bending Machines (PBMs) in Canada

Goriziane E&C’s high-performance PBM ranges from 6” to 60“ with over 35 machines delivered worldwide since the 1990’s.

Years of experience have enabled Goriziane to design and manufacture an innovative machine with the utmost attention to detail. The PBMs are made of high-resistant steel and can bend pipes up to 60”. With the new big-bend design, the innovative cylinder configuration can bend pipes with a thickness of up to 48 mm. They can be operated with pneumatic or hydraulic mandrels.

Recently, Goriziane has delivered three PBMs 36”-48” that will be operated on one of the most difficult gas pipeline projects in Canada. It also includes Goriziane’s most advanced technological features such as self-propelled and wireless hydraulic mandrels with automatic positioning, data logger, and integrated pipe bender. In addition, the machines have a Tier IV engine, which is in line with environmental protection standards.

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