Kebulin Company at the Zeelink Pipeline  Project in Germany

As a manufacturer of corrosion protection material for pipelines, the Kebulin Company supplies four of the five construction lots of the Zeelink Pipeline Project with material for the field joint coatings.

Like for the German Eugal pipeline project, the field joint coating tapes are applied with the fully electric Kebumat KWA wrapping machine. For the Zeelink project this machine was officially qualified and approved in advance by the pipeline operator Open Grid Europe. In this project, the Kebulin Company is once again cooperating successfully with other IPLOCA members such as Max Streicher, Denys and PPS Pipeline Systems. The Zeelink project includes the new construction of the Zeelink long-distance pipeline from the Belgian-German border near Lichtenbusch to Sankt Hubert near Krefeld and on to Legden near Ahaus in North Rhine-Westphalia. Furthermore, a compressor station in Würselen and another one in Legden (in the planning stages) are part of the Zeelink project. The new pipeline with a length of 216 km and a diameter of 40” thus contributes to supply security in Germany. It also increases the transport capacity of natural gas from north to south

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