Laurini Meets Challenge to Adapt Three Crawler Excavators

The year that just ended brought a new challenge to Laurini, an impulse that once again led the company to evolve and improve.

They were awarded a special project on behalf of Saipem: adapting three 374F Caterpillar excavators for a demanding job in Saudi Arabia, to be used for transport and operations in seawater up to 4 m deep and with an incline of up to 8 degrees. The client’s request indicated the need to dig a trench of several kilometres in the water, in order to bury a methane pipeline coming from the open sea, which would then continue its journey on the mainland.

The depth of the seabed in that stretch of sea would not allow the use of dredgers on ships or other similar means, so crawler excavators, with the appropriate modifications, proved to be extremely functional. Starting from the base of Caterpillar’s 374F, they were able to obtain a multi-purpose and exceptionally stable machine, free of oscillation and capable of delivering remarkable performance in both bucket digging and hook lifting. When the works inside the water have finished, the machines can be reconverted quickly and go back to being 374F standard excavators, a unique characteristic of these machines.

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