MAX STREICHER Launches 100% Electrically Driven HDD Rig

The 80 ton drilling rig was developed by a team of specialists in cooperation with experienced drillers and offers a fully-featured and user-friendly mobile design incorporating powerful thrust and spindle drive, an integrated mud pump and drill pipe handling system combined with a low emission electric drive technology.

Due to full electrification it was possible to reduce noise emission to a minimum. Moreover, many automatic features make the operation of the device easier and guarantee the highest degree of safety.

The new horizontal drilling rig is highly efficient and is especially well suited to sensitive ecological and urban areas. After a successful test run, this drilling rig is already on duty at a trenchless power cable laying project in Emsland, Germany. In addition to this drilling rig, further special machinery with low emission electrical drive technology is currently in the development phase. Just like the new drilling rig some of these machines have already been tested successfully on different construction sites.

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