PipeSak Launches PipeDefenderTM Pipeline Protection System for Extreme Terrains

After several years of R&D, PipeSak is set to launch PipeDefenderTM on two large diameter projects in the Rocky Mountain region of Western Canada this spring. PipeDefenderTM is a heavy-duty pipe protection system designed for extreme rock conditions replacing wood lagging and concrete coating, and eliminating the need for sand bedding and padding. Engineered to safely protect pipelines in rocky terrain, PipeDefenderTM has been rigorously tested and proven to protect pipeline coatings from the repeated impact of large, angular rocks of up to 45 lbs (20.4 kg) dropped from up to 10’ (3 m).

PipeDefenderTM has also been successfully used to protect live pipelines from mechanical damage during excavations, and can be used to electronically isolate pipelines in cased crossings. The lightweight, interlocking design is easy to handle and can be quickly installed by two labourers using patented QuickZipTM fasteners. PipeDefenderTM is engineered to work with cathodic protection systems and allows an easy path for groundwater, both into and away from the pipe. The modular design of the panels can be used for multiple pipe diameters and can be field trimmed to accommodate tight bends.