SICIM Named Runner-up For All Three 2020  IPLOCA Awards

Upon receiving these nominations SICIM’s General Manager, Leonardo Gravina, stated “Our gratitude goes to our people, whose work and commitment allows SICIM to be at the highest levels in the world in terms of health, safety, quality and environmental performance.”

The first nomination was for the 2020 IPLOCA Health and Safety Award, for SICIM’s “Flying Washing Basket”. Regular cleaning of equipment is sometimes an undervalued chore even though it is of primary importance to ensuring equipment lasts longer. On the other hand, it is a source of multiple hazards. This is why SICIM developed and started to use the Flying Washing Basket to ensure safe washing operations of all the heavy machinery used for its activities. The basket allows the operator to easily reach every element of  the main equipment used, performing a 360° flight all around it. 

SICIM was runner-up for the 2020 IPLOCA Environmental Award for its “Oil & Lubricants Saving Distribution System”. This interesting solution enables the operator to determine the exact quantities of oil and lubricant used for equipment maintenance. It ensures the optimal use of oils and lubricants and allows for clean workstations reducing leaks and spillages during refuelling and repairs. In addition to that, the system also has a positive impact on reduced manual handling and overall represents another step in SICIM’s path towards eco-friendly pipeline construction.

Finally, SICIM was nominated as runner-up for the 2020 IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award for its contribution to the execution of the Sur de Texas Project (Mexico). The company stated that this project was very challenging for many reasons: logistics (limited access to the site due to morphological and regulatory factors), technology (unconventional pipe laying, extensive use of trenchless techniques, welding of heavy wall pipes, handling of pipe string and onshore/offshore interface) and environment (preservation, conservation and restoration of coastal wetlands, lagoons, sensitive areas, mangrove ecosystem, seaside and other associated constraints).

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