Spac Construction Project for Gas Supply to New Power Plant

GRTgaz has commissioned Spac to construct a new 19 km pipeline to transport gas from Tréflévénez to Landivisiau where a new power plant has been built. Up to 90 committed skilled workers have been involved in this major project.

The new plant will provide electricity to all of Britanny (France) through natural gas starting next December. Started in February 2020, this project was the opportunity to successfully test automatic welding on middle size (DN400) pipelines and its profitability. In addition, the team used recorded ultrasonic testing to check the welding integrity.

The pipeline works are now completed, in compliance with GRTgaz’s commitments to farmers. Since the project outline crossed several fields, topsoil was completely removed over the 16m pipe footprint to be preserved. This will then be re-levelled when the land is restored next March, in time for the next planting season.

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