STREICHER has designed an innovative welding tractor for pipeline construction

The STREICHER welding tractor has been designed from scratch based on practical requirements. The use of a technologically advanced electric drive system eliminates the need for one of the two diesel engines normally used, thus minimising fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as operating and maintenance costs. One special feature is that the entire electric drive system and the crane are operated with a single, combined radio remote control. This concept leads to more safety, as the operator has the flexibility to choose his position to have an overview of all the activities on the site.

Another priority was to meet the growing demands of environmental protection, especially in sensitive areas, by keeping the ground pressure remarkably low. The use of a low-maintenance crawler chassis with generous ground clearance and fording depth completes the concept of this innovative welding tractor. The generator provides the power needed to drive the tractor, to power the welding generator and to operate the crane. The variable platform design offers space for project-specific welding technology including, if necessary, compressor and gas bottle systems as well as transport and material boxes, and electrode ovens. Several Streicher welding tractors are already in use on pipeline projects in Europe, while another spread is currently in production.

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