Vacuworx Introduces Online Training Programme for RC Series

The Vacuworx commitment to safety does not end with product development. Recognising that implementing and enforcing safety protocols can sometimes be quite difficult, especially amid the rising costs of doing business, Vacuworx has introduced an industry-leading training programme to provide unparalleled access to information to help ensure that dealers and contractors are able to use and service their equipment correctly and safely.

The new online Vacuworx Training Centre on the company’s website is available to anyone who operates or services Vacuworx vacuum lifting systems. The self-guided programme currently includes five modules, each with course certifications, focused on the RC Series lifters including installation, daily operation checklist, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

The overall goal of this programme is to provide convenient access to training at any time. It enables customers to quickly educate new hires, rather than waiting to schedule in-person training from Vacuworx, and standardises instruction for the entire team.

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