World Record for A.Hak on Humber  Project, U.K.

The world’s longest hydraulically inserted pipeline has just been completed by A.Hak Construction B.V. under  the River Humber, in partnership with Skanska and  PORR Group.

At five km long and 30m at its deepest point, the pipeline will supply up to 25% of the U.K.’s gas.
The operations under this river involved the insertion of five km 42” concreted weight coated of pipeline. This world record will be registered in the Guinness book of records. Two of A.Hak’s hydraulic thrusting machines pushed tight 620m long, 850t sections of pipe on rollers into the brand new tunnel (diameter 3,65m. 30m under the river).

The tunnel had been flooded at that time with 50,000 cubic metres of pure, treated water to aid the installation – that’s enough to fill 16 Olympic swimming pools. After one pipe section had been installed, the next one was moved into position and welded to the one in front. The push continued until all five km of pipeline were fully installed on 9 July, becoming the world’s longest hydraulically inserted pipe. The next and final stage in the project will be to connect the pipeline to the network, ready for gas to begin flowing through it towards the
end of the year.

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