Xionggu Electrical’s Welding Machines Used on Sino-Russia Gas Pipeline

Xionggu Electrical’s automatic pipeline welding machines have been applied to many projects in China and abroad, including the biggest ongoing Sino-Russia gas pipeline project with a total mainline length of more than 3000 km from the Russian border all the way to Shanghai.

This pipeline with diameters of 56” and 48”, using API 5L X80, and with a pressure of 12MPa, is aimed to transmit natural gas from Russia to the most developed regions in eastern China to meet rapidly growing demand for energy. From north-east China, where temperatures drop to minus 40℃, to the south-east, where rivers and rice fields predominate, more than 40 spreads of internal welding machines plus dual torch external automatic welding machines have been in operation. A remarkable one-time qualified rate of welded pipe joint was achieved by adopting internal welding for root pass. High productivity and weld consistency of dual torch external welding machines for fill and cap have been acknowledged by the client PipeChina and contractors.

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