Limak Construction Industry and Trade Inc.

About Limak Construction Industry and Trade Inc.

General contractor for the international and domestic market.

Services: turn-key cross country pipelines for all sizes, pumping and compressor stations, ancillary oil and gas field construction, reducing and metering stations, oil and gas processing facilities, gathering and distribution systems, tank farms, horizontal drilling, double jointing, manual and automatic welding, river crossings, non-destructive and destructive inspection, hydrostatic testing, fibre optic laying and SCADA systems, instrumentation, cathodic corrosion protection, hot tapping and stopple operations, commissioning and start-up operations, all types of civil infrastructure projects like dams and HEPPs, irrigation projects, drinking water and treatment facilities, motorways, highways and bridges, viaducts, tunnels, harbour and sea works, airports, industrial facilities and plants, tourism facilities, associated buildings. Engineering, procurement and construction of oil, gas and water pipelines for all diameters.