IPLOCA Yearbook


    54th Edition (2020-2021)

    Please click here to view the latest online edition of the Yearbook.

    A mobile app version is also available via this link:

    All IPLOCA members in good standing are listed in the Yearbook, published annually.  Payment of membership fees is a requirement to ensure listing in the publication.


    Updates to Member Listings

    Please send all member information updates to listing@iploca-yearbook.com AND sebastien.goetschmann@iploca.com or fax to +31 162 319 414 (Yearbook publisher) AND to +41 22 306 02 39 (IPLOCA Secretariat).

    Advertising Rates

    Further information, including advertising rates and deadlines, is available at www.iploca-yearbook.com. The advertising deadline for the 55th edition is 31 August, 2021.