Health, Safety and the Environment

The IPLOCA ideal focuses on 3 main aspects: Health, Safety and the Environment. Within these main areas are many elements which the IPLOCA HSE Committee and its members are devoted to promoting.

IPLOCA subscribes to the philosophy that all accidents and incidents are preventable and where feasible, to supporting and/or improving communities and social environments to elevate the standard of living and education of the local population. 

All our members have to abide by the IPLOCA the Occupational Health and Safety philosophy:

  • As an IPLOCA member, we are committed to the Occupational Health and Safety of our people 
  • We believe that all incidents and accidents are avoidable 
  • We believe that leadership is the key for successful Occupational Health and Safety
  • We believe that everyone is responsible for Occupational Health and Safety


The HSE & CSR Committee welcomes your feedback, and in particular would like hear from Members about specific areas of interest or concern. Please contact Sebastien Goetschmann

If you would like to join the HSE & CSR Committee please also contact Sebastien Goetschmann