Benefits of Membership 

    Benefits for Regular Members and Associate Members are outlined as attached.

    Benefits particularly pertinent to Corresponding Members may be found in the Benefits of Corresponding Membership document.

    The overall benefits of IPLOCA membership, common to all members, are summarised below:


    Since the association's inception, IPLOCA members have shared ideas, networked and built business relationships with others in the industry through their membership. This is a vital part of being a member of the association.

    A Voice in Addressing Industry Challenges

    In making changes to its structure and operations, IPLOCA is reviewing and modifying its services and outreach to members and transforming the role that it plays in supporting them. Member involvement and feedback is key and membership in the association provides an opportunity to let your voice be heard on issues such as:

    • Health and safety
    • Environmental management and sustainability
    • Owner-contractor relationships
    • Risk sharing
    • Manpower challenges

    Access to Innovation and Best Practices

    Around the world, major pipeline owners and developers are seeking ideas from contractors and suppliers to achieve greater certainty of result in terms of project time and cost, cheaper pipelines through better specifications and innovative technology, and high levels of safety along with low environmental impact.

    Valuable opportunities to participate in the shaping of best practices are offered via committee work in areas such as Novel Construction and New Technologies. The Association's annual convention features technical presentations to bring technological improvements to the forefront.

    Use of the IPLOCA Logo

    As a Regular Member, Associate Member or Corresponding Member of IPLOCA, you can display the association logo on your website and marketing materials.