Membership Categories

    Regular Members are experienced companies directly involved in the execution and/or rehabilitation of pipelines for the transportation of fluids, gases or solids, including submarine pipelines or offshore structures and associated facilities. Their onshore and offshore expertise is broad. They cover not only pipeline construction but also the installation of pumping and compressor stations, tank farms, ancillary oil and gas field facilities, communications networks and control systems - even infrastructure systems such as roads and housing. Sub-contractors cover a wide range of specialist work, such as engineering, manufacturing, horizontal drilling, welding, double jointing and pipe coating. 

    Associate Members provide vital services, equipment, materials, tools or supplies for the construction, rehabilitation and/or maintenance of pipelines and their associated facilities, onshore and offshore. These international companies contribute significantly to the development of new ideas, techniques and equipment essential to the execution of pipeline projects.

    Corresponding Members are oil & gas onshore and offshore owners and/or operators of pipeline systems and associated facilities, who have an interest in the work of the association and wish to benefit from a range of technical guidance and briefings produced by the association.

    Academic Members include universities and research institutions whose activities encompass research and/or the study of pipes, materials, tools, supplies, welding, coating, testing and modus operandi associated with onshore and/or offshore pipelines and/or associated process engineering facilities.

    Honorary Members are individuals who have performed distinguished services to the onshore and offshore pipeline industry and/or to the association.