2006 IPLOCA Environmental Award Winners

The IPLOCA Environmental Award sponsored by Shell was presented during the annual Convention held in Barcelona in recognition of a significant achievement in the protection of the environment. 

Presented by Ray Burke of Shell and Osman Birgili Chairman of the Environment Committee, the award went to Saipem for their work in setting up an Environmental Management System for the execution of pipeline construction projects. The submission used case studies from Nigeria and Oman to support the application.
Pictured: Ray Burke, Giuseppe Billé, Osman Birgili.

In recognition of its members' commitment to the protection of the environment IPLOCA made three further awards to the runners-up (by alphabetical order):  

Caterpillar Inc.,
represented by Marco Jannuzzi, for demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability through their new ACERT clean diesel technology for use in pipeline construction equipment
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Conduto Ecuador,
represented by Walter Zimmermann, for the creation of tree canopies over a pipeline right of way to allow for monkey migration and for a scheme to protect tree roots from traffic and erosion in tropical forest areas.
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McConnell Dowell Pty ltd
for the protection of sand dunes and fauna on the Nifty-Gas project in Northwest Australia.
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IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who participated in the 2006 Environmental Award sponsored by Shell for their commitment in the protection of the environment.