2004 Safety Award Winners

Safety is of fundamental importance to IPLOCA and submission of the Annual Safety Statistics in the format requested is obligatory for all members of IPLOCA. 

In 2005 we had an 85% return, better than the previous year, but still not enough. A very detailed evaluation of all submittals was carried out by the Safety committee. This took into account not only the statistical results, but also, for each company, their Safety Policies, Safety Awards, thier OSHA and ISO registrations, and their submissions of Accident reports and Near Misses Reports in the IPLOCA format.

Raymond Burke of Shell presented the Safety Awards for 2004 during the Vancouver Convention. 

The awards were as follows: 

Onshore (over 1.5 million man-hours): Punj Lloyd Limited

Onshore (under 1.5 million man-hours): FAB

Offshore: Heerema Marine Contractors

Field Services: Pipeline Induction Heat

The Committee wished to give a special mention to Bechtel Pipeline, Nippon Steel Engineering and Land & Marine Engineering for their excellent safety performance!