Innovation Committee

The Innovation Committee is the focal point to explore, develop and deliver new ideas, technolo-gies, equipment and processes that add value to the pipeline industry. It provides a forum, leader-ship and guidance to foster these innovations and inform the IPLOCA membership about the cur-rent technology and trends affecting the pipeline industry.

Two Novel Construction Initiative meetings are held each year, offering a platform to stimulate innovation in the technology and processes required for the execution of onshore pipeline projects by engaging all contributors to the pipeline construction supply chain. 

Two awards are being presented every alternate year to an outstanding project execu-tion in onshore and offshore pipeline, or facilities construction (Excellence in Project Execution Award) and to a significant contribution to innovation in pipeline construction (New Technologies Award).

IPLOCA's involvement in research through its relationship with the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) brought about the Mitigative Strategics Report for Lowering-in Stresses and the best practices report on Pipeline Route Selection. (Our liaison is Bill Olson from GIE) 

The leadership of the Committee is as follows:

Gerben Wansink
Committee Chair



Doug Bailey
Global Pipeline Manager

Adel Botros
Al-Qahtani Pipe Coating Industries
Director, Research and Development

Leonardo Gravina
General Manager



Wilko Koop
A. Hak Construction B.V.


Tim Zboya

Bechtel Pipeline
Regional Pipeline Manager