Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 5 July 2010



    Following the last minute cancellation of the meeting scheduled for 6 April because of severe flooding, our Member Conduto kindly offered to re-schedule the first South America Regional Meeting in Rio de Janeiro for 5 July 2010. IPLOCA Director for The Americas Ebbo Laenge and IPLOCA Executive Secretary Juan Arzuaga were on hand to greet attendees and answer their questions.

    The Regional meeting received the strong support of Petrobras senior management who offered an update on offshore and onshore Pipeline Projects being developed by Petrobras for the upcoming years.

    Many local representatives of IPLOCA Regular Members and Associate Members attended this important meeting along with invited Brazilian non-member Construction and Operation Companies who expressed their strong interest in the IPLOCA initiatives.

    At the end of the meeting all attendees were invited by IPLOCA to share lunch and continue the discussion topics of the meeting in a more relaxed atmosphere.

    The meeting was conducted partially in Portuguese and in English.
    Review the detailed programme (in Portuguese)
    Review Petrobras's onshore presentation (in Portuguese) 
    Review the IPLOCA presentation (in Portuguese)
    Review the IPLOCA objectives (in Portuguese)
    Review the thank you letter (in Portuguese)