Paris, France - 17 March 2010


    On Wednesday, 17 March 2010, Bruno de La Roussière, IPLOCA Immediate Past President, and Jacquelin de La Porte, IPLOCA Director for Europe Mediterranean, along with Gilles de Bagneux, Président Directeur Général de SPAC, hosted a Regional Meeting in Paris. Forty-seven people from 26 companies attended the event.

    Sylvain Hendricks of GRT Gaz spoke about pipeline investments in France and new legislation in preparation.  Gérard Kimus and Frank Bernaerts of Fluxyx spoke about natural gas insfrastructure developments in Belgium. Juan Arzuaga, IPLOCA Executive Secretary, and Daniel Gasquet, IPLOCA Consultant, made a presentation about the initiative of IPLOCA's New Technologies Committee.


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