2009 Health & Safety Award winners

The 2009 IPLOCA Health and Safety Award sponsored by Chevron was presented during the annual Convention held in Venice in recognition of a significant achievement in this area.

John Truhe of Chevron made the presentation and addressed the members of the audience about "Radical Changes to Improve Safety".
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Adam Wynne Hughes, IPLOCA HSE Committee Chairman, made a presentation on Health & Safety Satistics and on the 2009 Health and Safety Award sponsored by Chevron.
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The Committee decided to present the Award to J. Ray McDermott, represented by Bob Deason, in recognition of their great work on their HSES Intranet.


Pictured: John Truhe, Bob Deason, Adam Wynne Hughes 


 The reasons the panel made this Award are the following:

  • clear demonstration of leadership
  • reduction in accidents and lost days
  • simple use of intranet to link a safety improvement scheme to operations
  • good communication across their company
  • involvement of staff so that their culture could be understood to help drive towards the commitment to "Zero"
  • the Committee feels this model could easily be used by others

To review J. Ray McDermott's presentation please click here.
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In recognition of its members' commitment to health and safety IPLOCA named three runners-up (in alphabetical order):
Larsen & Toubro Ltd,
represented by Mr. C. Chokkalingam, Mr. Chitta Ranjan Sahoo and Mr. Krishna Nirmalya Sen, for their HSE Management in the Bamer to Salaya pipeline project.
This submission clearly shows a company committed to and delivering improvements within its safety performance and systems.
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Nacap BV,
represented by Victor Aquina, for their Working in Partnership program.
This submission shows an excellent example of top management leadership.
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SNC-Lavalin, represented by Melody Kratsios, for their HSE Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan: 3-Month Look-Ahead tool.
The look-ahead tool for risk assesment contained within this submission caught the judges' attention as a method for significant improvement in safety performance.

IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who participated in the 2009 Health and Safety Award sponsored by Chevron for their commitment in this field. We encourage continuing efforts.