2010 Environmental Award Winners

The IPLOCA Environmental Award sponsored by Shell was presented during the annual Convention held in Venice in recognition of a significant achievement in reducing the impact on the environment for the construction of pipeline projects.

Loek Vreenegoor of Shell was on hand to make the presentation and to address the members of the audience about Pipelines, HSE and Innovation.
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Adam Wynne Hughes, IPLOCA HSE Committee Chairman, made a presentation on the Environmental Award sponsored by Shell.
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The Environmental Award Adjudication Committee decided to award it to Caterpillar for their Eco Operator Training program. Caterpillar has always been involved towards the protection of the Environment and has been awarded with a runner-up certificate each year the award was presented.

Pictured: Marco Jannuzzi (left) and Dan Macholan (right) of Caterpillar receive the trophy and certificate from Loek Vreenegoor. 

The reasons the panel made this Award are the following:

  • The project focuses on the behaviours of operators
  • The project reduces fuel consumption and carbon emitted
  • It illustrates very clearly and simply the way diesel converts to carbon emitted into the environment
  • It benefits owners and users of heavy plant machinery, not the manufacturers
  • It teaches skills applicable to all types and manufacturers of plants

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In recognition of its members' commitment the Committee made three further awards to the runners-up (by alphabetical order): 

Hölscher Wasserbau GmbH, represented by Heinz Hölscher and Heinz Schwarte, for their Ground water preservation using DCS©- Infiltration.
Water is a very important resource and this concept of reinjection back into the aquifer is considered an excellent method of minimising the impact of our construction activities.
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Max Streicher GmbH & Co. KG aA, represented by Harald Dresp and Siegmund Huber for their "In Cooperation with Nature" procedure (TerraBas technology).
This simple product allows, in appropriate conditions, for a significant reduction in materials and resources used for our temporary access roads for pipeline construction. It also shows the benefits of reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions through transportation reduction.
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Nacap BV, represented by Mark Roerink for their carbon footprint system.
This is an excellent model on the measurement of carbon produced in the pipeline industry.
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IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who participated in the 2010 Environmental Award sponsored by Shell for their commitment in the protection of the environment. We encourage continuing efforts.