2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Award Winners

The first IPLOCA Corporate Social Responsibility Award was presented during the annual Convention held in Beijing in recognition of an initiative aimed at improving the living conditions of the people in communities local to and impacted by pipeline industry work.

Adam Wynne Hughes, IPLOCA HSE Committee Chairman, made a presentation on this new Award. To review this presentation, please click here.


The Committee decided to present the Award to GDK S.A., represented by Samuel Barbosa, in recognition of their great work on their assistance to an institution for people with disabilities - APAE São Francisco do Conde-Bahia.   

Pictured: Karl Trauner (IPLOCA President) and Samuel Barbosa

 The reasons the panel made this Award are the following:

  • a project aimed at improvving the conditions of people where a pipeline had to be installed
  • an initiative addressing a specific need identified in the local community
  • a program or practice demonstrating the corporate social responsibility of the company
  • a creative initiative in which a large impact is made whit a small investment
  • a long term initiative intended to be continuously supported by the company

To review GDK's presentation please click here.
To access GDK's website please click here.


In recognition of its members' commitment to social responsibility IPLOCA named two runners-up (in alphabetical order):

Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd.,
represented by Sandip Sharma and Gyan Prakash, for their Save the Tiger Campaign.
To review the entry please click here.
To review the Machli presentation please click here.

McDermott International, for their Batam Social Investments and Activities.
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IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who participated in the 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Award for their commitment in this field. We encourage continuing efforts.