Pipeline Construction Safety Instructors Tool

    The Pipeline Construction Association of Canada (PLCAC), through the Canadian Construction Sector Council and other key stakeholder groups, has prepared a DVD-based course and exam to address health and safety issues specific to pipeline construction in the oil and gas sectors. Every person who intends to work on a jobsite under PLCAC needs to pass this exam.

    IPLOCA has adapted this course for the international industry to be used as a safety instructors tool.

    The course is intended to familiarise the worker with how to recognise, assess, and control hazards on the worksite. It has been designed to act as a complement to the other courses that may be required to take.


    Brian will be your guide through 13 lessons made up of supporting video and audio to illustrate safe - and unsafe - practices. Multiple choice review quizzes reinforce learning. The course will cover the entire pipeline construction process from start to finish through the following chapters: 


    • Course Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Work Preparation
    • Lesson 2: PPE and WHMIS Review
    • Lesson 3: Hazard Recognition and Control
    • Lesson 4: Front End Operational Hazards and Controls
    • Lesson 5: Rigging and Hoisting Hazards and Controls
    • Lesson 6: Pipe Hazards and Controls
    • Lesson 7: Pipe Assembly and Coating Hazards and Controls
    • Lesson 8: Specialized Work Hazards and Controls
    • Lesson 9: Environmental Hazards and Controls
    • Lesson 10: Back End Operational Hazards and Controls
    • Lesson 11: Vehicle Operation
    • Lesson 12: Equipment Operation
    • Lesson 13: Emergency Response


    The DVD will run using an internet browser alone (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome); an internet connection is not required. 


    IPLOCA Members can order a copy of the DVD from Sebastien Goetschmann

    Acknowledgement Letter for Receipt and Use of Licensed Product
    (to be printed on company letterhead paper)

    CSC licensing agreement