Workshop: Preventing Catastrophic Losses 

Thursday, 11 July 2013 - Geneva, Switzerland

IPLOCA's HSE Committee held a one day workshop at the Moevenpick Hotel, Geneva on Thursday, 11 July 2013 to tackle the topic of preventing catastrophic losses.

Twenty-two people from 18 different companies gathered in Geneva for a productive session to discuss ways to continue reducing the catastrophic losses in our industry.

After a short introduction on IPLOCA initiatives from Juan Arzuaga, IPLOCA Executive Secretary, the agenda included presentations from knowledgeable speakers:

"Debunking the injury pyramid", Alan Quilley, Safety Results

"Integrating Culture and Leadership into Catastrophic Event Prevention",
Filip Coumans, BST

Those were followed by presentations of three instructive experiences resulting from incidents, to be analysed and commented in small working groups, namely:

- Camp fire
- Severe injury on a pipeline construction
Debris flow

During the workshop, other lessons learned were shared:

- Cut cable incident 
- Confined space incident 
- Excavator damages
- Oxy-acetylene torch incident
- Pipe falls from rollers 
- Sledgehammer incident
- Truck loading incident

The workshop ended with the watching of the video Remember Piper - The night that changed our world on the 6th July 1988 Piper Alpha catastrophe.
(video also available for download here)

Feedback from the participants was extremely positive and many expressed their desire to renew the experience. They also expressed great expectations from IPLOCA to lead members to best practices.

We sincerely thank all those who contributed in many different ways to the success of this workshop to reduce catastrophic losses and strongly encourage those would did not to consider registering for the next workshop that will surely be organised next year.



"The presentations showed that we need a different approach for the prevention of serious injuries and fatalities compared with the approach used to the prevention of minor injuries."

"Alan's definition of risk where he added exposure to the formula was very interesting, I am going to review our systems to see if I can utilise this."

"Filip Coumans gave me a few ideas about leadership and culture that I will take to our senior management."

"The workshop reviewing the three accidents was enlightening as all three incidents involved different locations, different cultures, but all appeared to have similar issues."

"This workshop was very fruitful and gave us new ideas on what could be done to improve the HSE culture and prevent catastrophic accidents."

"Within IPLOCA we need to work more closely together on HSE challenges by sharing best practices and developing industry standards and guidelines."