Schrobenhausen (Munich), Germany - 19 March 2014

    Our Regular Members Bohlen & Doyen and Max Streicher have kindly offered to organise a Regional Meeting for Europe Central in Schrobenhausen on 19 March 2014. IPLOCA Directors for Europe Central Jan Koop and Harald Dresp and IPLOCA Executive Secretary Juan Arzuaga were on hand to greet attendees and answer their questions. people attended the meeting conducted partially in German and in English. It started at 14:45 and included various presentations and a site visit to Bauer Maschinen. It was followed by a dinner.

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    IPLOCA Activities & Initiatives  
    Juan Arzuaga, Executive Secretary, IPLOCA 

    Bauer Group 
    Dieter Stetter, Managing Director, BAUER Maschinen GmbH 

    Vorstellung IPLOCA HSE-Komitee
    Amir Tajik, Senior Safety Engineer, Max Streicher GmbH & Co KG aA

    JEMGUM Underground Gas Storage Project 
    Olivier Barteit, Head of Proposals, Technip