Dunkirk, France - 28 May 2015

    Our Regular Member SPIECAPAG, together with Dunkerque Promotion and Pôle Mécanov, kindly offered to organise a Regional Meeting in Dunkirk, France on 28 May 2015. IPLOCA President and Director for Europe Mediterranean, Jean-Claude Van de Wiele, IPLOCA Director-at-Large, Bruno Maerten, and IPLOCA Executive Secretary, Juan Arzuaga were on hand to greet attendees and answer their questions.

    This was a very popular meeting gathering 97 attendees from 57 companies. The programme included various presentations in French from IPLOCA and local guest speakers as well as a site visit of the Dunkirk multimodal port and industrial platform. For details, please refer to the agenda

    More information on Dunkirk can be found at www.dunkerquepromotion.org

    GRT gaz et le programme de canalisations (in French)
    Sylvain Hendrickx, Chef de mission Grands Projets, GRT Gaz  

    Présentation d'EUPEC (in French)
    Bernard Guisol, General Manager, EUPEC Pipe Coatings