Annual General Meetings

    The Annual General Meeting of the association is attended by its members and is the highest authority of the association.  It takes place during the week of the annual convention on a day and time determined by the Board of Directors.

    Business transacted during this meeting includes the election of the Board of Directors, a review of the Treasurer's report and the annual accounts, appointment of the auditors for the next accounting year, approval of any amendments of the By-laws, and dealing with any other matters arising which have been placed before the AGM by the president of the association, or on the written request of three Regular Members.

    Only Regular Members may vote at the AGM.


    Minutes of the AGMs since 2007 can be found below:

              Bangkok - 4 October, 2019

              London - 14 September, 2018

              Mexico City - 29 September, 2017

              Paris - 16 September, 2016

              Singapore - 9 October, 2015

    Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. - 17 October, 2014

    Washington, U.S.A. - 27 September, 2013

    Istanbul, Turkey - 14 September, 2012

    Beijing, China - 16 September, 2011

    Venice, Italy - 1 October, 2010

    San Francisco, U.S.A. - 18 September, 2009

    Athens, Greece - 3 October, 2008

    Sydney, Australia - 5 October, 2007