HSE & CSR Committee 

The IPLOCA HSE & CSR Committee (the Committee) promotes health, safety, environment and sustainable business practices in all areas of its influence.

The Committee promotes safe and socially responsible behaviour the way of life for IPLOCA members. It believes that all accidents are preventable and that its members' interests are best served by recognising their impact on others.

The Committee promotes undertakings that, by protecting people and the natural environment, make the membership's activities safer and more sustainable. Whenever feasible, it extends its support to initiatives that improve the prospects of the communities where the membership operates by, for example, elevating the standards of living and education of local populations.

Specifically, the Committee will:

  • measure HSE performance through statistics and analyse results to identify the major causes of recurrent issues
  • collaborate with the Innovation Committee in the development of "The Road to Success"
  • promote the development and implementation of management systems
  • recognise innovative best practice through awards
  • encourage communication and knowledge sharing through the Health, Safety and Environment Shared Experiences platform and through workshops

Additionally, the Committee intends to:

  • develop lifesaving rules
  • define a standard for operator competency and minimum safety requirement for heavy machinery