IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award


In recognition of an outstanding project execution in onshore and offshore pipeline, or facilities construction. 

2020 IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award


The award was granted to Denys for their

Bergsche Maas Project


IPLOCA is pleased to announce that the first IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award was presented at the Annual Convention to be held in Paris from 12th to 16th September 2016.

All Regular Members and Associate Members are encouraged to apply for the award. Submissions should be limited to the pipeline industry and related work.

The award is in recognition of an outstanding project execution in onshore or offshore pipeline, or facilities construction by virtue of:

  • Excellent client relationship/partnership beyond the expectations and/or contractual obligations.
  • Specific technology or engineering developed to either significantly reduce the cost of construction, or minimise the impact of the project on the environment, or to the local community, or for improvement in safety.
  • Outstanding response to unexpected difficulties faced during the execution of the project.
  • A remarkable or revised construction practice.

The winning company will be profiled on the IPLOCA website and in communication materials. They will be presented with an engraved trophy and may be given the opportunity to make a short presentation describing the initiative at the IPLOCA Convention. In addition, the winner and runners-up will receive a certificate in recognition of their work.

Guidelines are available to help you in submitting an entry. Entries that do not comply with these guidelines will be rejected.

The IPLOCA Adjudication Committee will review all entries submitted on the following basis:

  • Does it prove to be a challenging pipeline construction project?
  • Does it constitute an identifiable step forward in technology/construction process?
  • Does it show outstanding results on safety and/or environmental protection?
  • Does it highlight solutions put in place to overcome difficulties found during the pipeline construction?
  • Does it provide changes or new methods in the manner pipelines are installed?
  • Does it have positive feedback from the client?
  • Does it have additional benefits?

We look forward to hearing from many of you about your projects.