2016 Excellence in Project Execution Award Winners

The 2016 IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award was presented during the Annual Convention held in Paris in recognition of an outstanding project execution in onshore or offshore pipeline, or facilities construction.

Jean Claude Van de Wiele, IPLOCA New Technologies Committee Chairman, made a presentation on the work of the New Technologies Committee and on the Excellence in Project Execution Award, in presence of Atul Punj, 2015-2016 IPLOCA President.
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http://www.iploca.com/platform/content/element/25691/2016EPEAwardAtulPunjRodneyBlackwellJCVdW469_1609.txtThe Excellence in Project Execution Award Adjudication Committee decided to award it to McConnell Dowell Group Limited, represented by Rodney Blackwell, for the Fourth Transmission Pipeline Stage 2, a complex, fast-tracked project completed in a challenging, densely populated  environment. 

Pictured: Atul Punj, Rodney Blackwell, Jean Claude Van de Wiele
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In recognition of its members' commitment the Committee made one further award to the three following runners-up: 

http://www.iploca.com/platform/content/element/25691/2016EPEAwardAtulPunjZahiGhantousMarkBarrowsJCVdW420_1609.txtMcConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd and Consolidated Contracting Company Australia Pty Ltd (CCC) JV, represented by Mark Barrows and Zahi Ghantous, for the Australia Pacific LNG Pipelines Project, one of the largest, longest, and most complex pipelines constructed in Australia.
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http://www.iploca.com/platform/content/element/25691/2016EPEAwardRubenKuriAtulJainAtulPunjJCVdW435_1609.txtPunj Lloyd Group, represented by Atul Jain, for the Shah Gas Development Project Package 1, a challenging project due to high dunes, high temperatures, and the presence of H2S.
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http://www.iploca.com/platform/content/element/25691/2016EPEAwardJCVdWKoosVanOordAtulPunj449_1609.txtVan Oord Offshore bv, represented by Koos Van Oord, for the Tetney Sealine Replacement Project, for which a string barge has been used to overcome restricted access and high tidal range, among other constraints.
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IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who participated in the 2016 IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award for their hard work. We encourage continuing efforts and applications for future Excellence in Project Execution Awards.