2017 Health & Safety Award winners

The 2017 IPLOCA Health and Safety Award sponsored by Chevron was presented during the Annual Convention held in Mexico, in recognition of a significant achievement in this field.

Bruno Maerten, IPLOCA HSE Committee Chairman, made a presentation on the work of the HSE Committee and on the 2017 Health and Safety Award sponsored by Chevron, in presence of Rubén Kuri, 2016-2017 IPLOCA President.
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http://www.iploca.com/platform/content/element/26389/2017HSAwardRubenKuriAnilShivashankarRamaduguDevanandamDSC_2910.txtThe Adjudication Committee decided to present the Award to DODSAL Engineering and Construction Pte. Ltd., represented by Ramadugu Devanandam and Anil Shivashankar, in recognition of their Road Safety Initiative - Robot Road Safety Manager


The Adjudication Committee made this award for having a IVMS with a robot for drivers' self-evaluation, for providing a positive recognition for good behaviours, and for being an innovative solution where leadership fails. 

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In recognition of its members' commitment to health and safety, IPLOCA named two runners-up (in alphabetical order):    

http://www.iploca.com/platform/content/element/26389/2017HSAwardRubenKuriOlivieroCorviDSC_2889.txtBonatti S.p.A., represented by Oliviero Corvi, for "The Eagle-Trainer" programme that provides instant on-site training using drones and video recording, offers positive recognition to safe behaviours, and provides videos for future training activities.
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http://www.iploca.com/platform/content/element/26389/2017HSAwardRubenKuriLeventKafkasliDSC_2893.txtTEKFEN Construction & Installation Co. Inc., represented by Levent Kafkasli, for the "Working on Steep Slopes" initiative that focuses on the prevention of accidents on steep slopes, is a best practice not often used, provides a good solution to a HIPO event, and is a unique and innovative aspect for pipeline construction.
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IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who participated in the 2017 IPLOCA Health and Safety Award sponsored by Chevron for their commitment in this field. We encourage continuing efforts and applications for future Health and Safety Awards.