2020-2021 IPLOCA Board of Directors

This year ten seats will become vacant in September 2020.

1 - America North (outgoing director: Kelly Osborn)

2 - Europe Central (outgoing appointed directors: Wilko Koop & Gerben Wansink)

2 - Europe Eastern (outgoing directors: Yasar Giregiz & Iosif Panchak outgoing President)

1 - Europe Mediterranean (outgoing appointed director: Khulud Halabi)

1 - Europe Northwest (outgoing director: Johan Van Wassenhove)

1 - Middle East & Africa (outgoing director: Najib Khoury)

2 - Associate Members (outgoing directors: Daniel Fernandez & appointed director Bill Solomon)

Eligibility for nomination of owners or senior executives of Regular Members and Associate Members is as specified in Articles 9.3 and 9.4 of the IPLOCA By-laws. All nominated directors serve a term of two years.

If you represent a Regular Member or an Associate Member and would like to run for a vacant seat on the Board of Directors, please review the Board Duties & Commitments, complete the application form and send it with a brief résumé and photo to Juan Arzuaga IPLOCA Executive Secretary no later than Friday 14 August 2020.

If you have any questions regarding submitting your application, contact Juan Arzuaga IPLOCA Executive Secretary.

Geographic Regions

East & Far East

Europe Central

Europe Eastern

Europe Mediterranean

Europe Northwest

Middle East & Africa

America North

Latin America

Associate Members