Candidates for Vacant Seats - September 2020

Nomination to the IPLOCA Board of Directors takes place every year at the annual convention as seats become vacant. Most nominated board members serve for two years and their second year is also confirmed during the nomination meeting.

This year, so as to comply with safety measures, the appointment process will take place remotely via the Zoom audio & video conferencing application. Key Represenatives will be sent an invitation to participate.

Owners or senior executives of Regular Members and Associate Members are eligible for election to the Board of Directors, as per Articles 9.3 and 9.4 of the IPLOCA By-laws.

All Regular Member and Associate Member candidates for vacant seats on the Board of Directors are required to review the Duties and Commitments of Board Members

Candidates for Vacant Seats - September 2020





Member Companies

Eastern Europe
Middle East & Africa
Europe Central
no candidates rec'd
America North
Europe Mediterranean 
Europe Northwest
Associate Members 2 Robert Linder Liebherr-Wek Telfs GmbH



Voting and Proxies

Voting will take place via a Doodle poll provided at the beginning of the meeting.

If no-one from your company is able to attend the IPLOCA Board Nomination Zoom audio & video conference meeting, one vote per company may be made using a proxy form. Regular Member Proxy Forms and Associate Member Proxy Forms must be received by the IPLOCA Executive Secretary no later than Friday 28 August 2020 in order to be counted.