2020 Environmental Award Winners

The IPLOCA Environmental Award sponsored by Shell is presented to IPLOCA members in recognition of a significant contribution to reduce the impact of pipeline construction on the environment. The 2020 award will be presented to the winner and runner-up during the 2021 IPLOCA Convention in Prague.

The Environmental Award Adjudication Committee nominated SPIECAPAG as the Winner of the 2020 IPLOCA Environmental Award for its Waste Management Solution

The reasons the Committee awarded SPIECAPAG are the following:

·  it reduces waste that is difficult to dispose of;
·  it can be adopted very widely;
·  it can be used in camp management specifications;
·  it is a win-win solution.

The Committee designated one runner-up, SICIM, for its Oil & Lubricants Saving Distribution System, an innovative tool that reduces oil spills and promotes a more accurate usage of oil.


IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who participated in the 2020 IPLOCA Environmental Award for their commitment to the protection of the environment. We encourage continued efforts and look forward to receiving many applications for future IPLOCA Environmental Awards sponsored by Shell.

Below you can find all the submissions received for this Award:
Saipem - Caitan Project (Water Conveyance System for Spence Growth Option (SGO) Project Region of Antofagasta)

SICIM - New Lights Re-used

TANAP (joint entry) -  Giving Back to Our Environment and Community

TANAP (joint entry) -  Silk Road of Pipelines

TEKFEN - Land Rehabilitation