2020 Excellence in Project Execution Award Winners

The IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award is presented to IPLOCA members in recognition of an outstanding project execution in onshore or offshore pipeline, or facilities construction. The 2020 award will be presented to the winner and runner-up during the 2021 IPLOCA Convention in Prague.

After a thorough review of each entry the five members of the Adjudication Committee nominated DENYS as the Winner of the 2020 IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award for its Bergsche Maas Project.


The reasons the Committee awarded DENYS are the following:

  • it proved to be a challenging project with very high technical difficulties;
  • it describes an innovative method that had to be put in place to provide negative buoyancy to large diameter pipe;
  • it executed a very challenging push-pull operation to successfully install three high diameter pipes tied together.

The Committee designated one runner-up, SICIM for its Sur de Texas Project. High safety standards and environmental control measures were put in place to successfully execute this project.

IPLOCA would like to congratulate all those who submitted entries for the 2020 IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award. 

We encourage continued efforts and look forward to receiving many applications for future IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Awards.

Below are all the submissions received for this Award:  

Applus - How CORE answers challenges due to COVID-19

Arendal - HDD - Five Shore Approaches Successfully Delivered

A.Hak Construction - Using Direct Pipe for Landfall Crossings reduces high risks on HSE, critical path and environmental issues significantly

Kalpataru - SPARK Module for Centralized Poject Management