Each candidate running for office should understand that elected Board Members have certain responsibilities, and that board membership should not be undertaken lightly.

Please refer to articles 9 & 10 of the IPLOCA By-laws concerning the Board of Directors and the Management of the Association.

The following points outline in further detail the duties and commitments of Board Members:

  • Each elected board member serves as a representative of the membership at large and as an ambassador for the organisation. As such s/he must understand and be able to articulate the mission and purpose of the organisation.
  • A board member is elected by their region or group of Associate Members, with the commitment of their company and company’s management.
  • Each board member should fully support the organisation and its mission through regular attendance at board meetings and active participation in meetings and events, including four board meetings a year that require international travel, and attendance during the full programme of activities of the annual convention.
  • As minuted during the June 2013 meeting in Stockholm, an absence from any two consecutive meetings, or a total of three meetings during the two-year term will result in automatic dismissal from the Board of Directors.  The Board will then decide on how and when to replace this director.
  • As stewards of the organisation, board members should actively participate with the staff leadership in a planning process appropriate to the organisation, and assist in developing the annual budget.
  • One of the board’s foremost responsibilities is to provide adequate resources for the organisation to fulfill its mission. The board should work in partnership with the Executive Secretary and staff of the Secretariat to monitor and provide the resources necessary to achieve stated goals.
  • A board member recognises and accepts that board participation necessitates a significant financial commitment in terms of costs related to travel to required board meetings.
  • A board member is willing to commit time and energy to supporting peers and colleagues in discussion and documentation, to serve on and/or chair committees, and to provide opinion and expertise for the betterment of the industry.
  • Board members will commit to actively engage with members’ customers through high level dialogue. Topics for discussion are: development of new technologies, promoting minimum standards, establishing guidelines for optimal risk-sharing, exploration of new initiatives for contractual relationships and addressing issues of manpower, health, safety security and the environment.
  • Board members should identify potential member companies and invite their senior executives to join IPLOCA.
  • Board members should commit to sending company representatives to the IPLOCA regional meetings, the IPLOCA HSE workshops and the Novel Construction Initiative sessions and working groups.
  • Board members assess the board’s own performance, recognise its achievements and reach consensus on which areas need to be improved.