The IPLOCA awards are intended to reward those companies that are in the lead in their search for excellence. The different awards are presented at the Annual Convention.

Key objectives

Key objectives of IPLOCA include:

  • To promote safety and to develop methods for the reduction and elimination of accidents and injury to contractor’s employees in the industry, and all those engaged in, or affected by, operations and pipeline work
  • To promote, foster and develop the science and practice of constructing onshore and offshore pipelines, and associated works
  • To promote the protection of the environment and contribute to social, cultural and environmental development

IPLOCA recognises its members’ efforts in these specific domains by making the following awards:

Health & Safety Award Sponsored by Snam

Recognising an exemplary success in improving health & safety. All Regular and Associate Members are encouraged to apply for the IPLOCA Health and Safety Award…

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Environmental Award Sponsored by Shell

Recognising an exemplary achievement in pipeline construction in reducing the impact on the environment. The IPLOCA Environmental Award sponsored by Shell is presented every second…

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Corporate Social Responsibility Award Sponsored by TotalEnergies

Recognising an exemplary success in voluntarily improving the quality of life of the local community and society at large. The IPLOCA Corporate Social Responsibility Award…

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New Technologies Award Sponsored by BP

Recognising a significant contribution to innovation in pipeline construction. The IPLOCA New Technologies Award sponsored by BP, is presented every alternate year during the Annual…

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Excellence in Project Execution Award

In recognition of an outstanding project execution in onshore and offshore pipeline, or facilities construction. The first IPLOCA Excellence in Project Execution Award was presented…

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Quality Award Sponsored by TC Energy

Recognizing an Exemplary Achievement in Improving Quality of Design, Quality of Materials and Quality of Execution. All Regular and Associate Members are encouraged to apply for…

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