Along with the Annual Convention, the association regularly hosts regional meetings. The Annual Convention is a great way to meet and network with colleagues from around the world and has been the source of many new and long-lasting business relationships over the years. However, the regional approach allows guests to engage at the local level and discuss common issues and concerns.

The main purposes of the regional meetings are as follows:

  • To give members a chance to express their ideas/needs for IPLOCA
  • To meet and discuss common challenges
  • To provide an update on IPLOCA’s objectives
  • To review new technologies
  • To capitalise on success stories
  • To review and discuss issues affecting our industry

All the meetings include presentations from IPLOCA and guest speakers, and culminate with an informal buffet dinner.  We plan to hold regional meetings specific to the needs of our members in various regions throughout the year.

Past Regional Meetings