Regular Members are organised into eight geographic regions for voting and representative purposes.

Geographic regions

Regular Members belong to one of the following geographic regions:

Regular Members – America North

USA and Canada…

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Regular Members – East & Far East

Former Soviet Union countries east of the 50th Meridian, Iran, Afghanistan, the Indian Sub-Continent, the Far East, Australasia and New Zealand.

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Regular Members – Europe Central

Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Poland…

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Regular Members – Europe Eastern

CIS and all offspring of the former Soviet Union west of the 50th Meridian, offspring countries of the former Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania…

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Regular Members – Europe Mediterranean

France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and the Mediterranean islands…

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Regular Members – Europe Northwest

Benelux, UK, Ireland and the Scandinavian countries, Iceland and Finland…

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Regular Members – Latin America

All countries south of the USA including all Caribbean Islands…

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Regular Members – Middle East & Africa

The African continent, the Middle East and Arab Peninsula…

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